Therapy for individuals

I provide individual therapy services to address a range of personal challenges. I intend to help you focus on stability and decrease distressing symptoms that may have brought you to therapy. Our work together will allow you to figure out who you are, identify your values, and make sure that your choices reflect that self-knowledge. This work can increase your self-acceptance, confidence, and enhance your relationships.

Therapy for couples and families

I work with couples and families, genuinely and non-judgmentally, to help increase their awareness of each other, foster resolution to past experiences, and develop an understanding of each others’ feelings and value systems. Ultimately this helps facilitate more effective communication, builds resiliency for better conflict resolution, and promotes deeper empathy.

Therapy for the LGBTQ community

I have particular skills and experience working with people marginalized due to their gender identity and/or sexual identity. I understand the lifelong challenges that society presents for LGBTQ individuals and the unique ways these issues play out in one’s self-acceptance, self-love, relationships with family and friends, and relationships with significant others.

I work from and understand social and systemic trauma inflicted on LGBTQ people and am able to help them deepen their understanding of who they are, increase their self-love (and lessen the internalized devaluing of self resulting from social and systemic trauma), and recognize their own accountability to themselves and their loved ones in the context of their identity, authenticity, and social and systemic trauma.