Working together

For the best results of your treatment and for your own welfare, it is important that you take the time to read and understand what it means to participate in counseling with me.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us into the world, miracles happen.”

H.S. Haskings

My approach

I am an interactive, solution-focused, strengths-based therapist who prides herself on the ability to demonstrate compassion, respect, and understanding through open communication and positive regard for the individual. The cornerstone of my educational training and professional philosophy is to meet clients where they are at.  I believe that building a foundation of self-loving kindness and self-acceptance will allow change to occur. Initially, our focus will be on stability and decreasing distressing symptoms that may have brought you to see me. We will explore ways you’ve managed similar emotions/experiences in the past and we will find ways to support you as needed. Our work together will allow you to figure out who you are, identify your values and make sure that your choices reflect that self-knowledge. It is my belief that as we become the agent of change in our lives, the force and inspiration of that self-love can motivate and drive us.

What we’ll do

My work is to listen, genuinely and non-judgmentally, and together we will work to help you increase your awareness of the choices you make, foster resolution to past experiences, and develop an understanding of your feelings and your value system so that you can feel empowered and engaged to make better and more conscious choices in your life. My intention is to create an environment where you can share your truth. Our goal is to help you look honestly at what you want, identify the actions that betray your desires, and foster your ability to love yourself enough to do the work of transforming your relationship to your desires so they better match who you are, where you are, and where you want to be.

You are not a pathology

I do not see people as a pathology. I see us all in the process of self-discovery. My intention is to guide you toward greater self-understanding and self-acceptance. I believe we are complex and layered, and life can get messy. If we can develop a compassionate approach to accepting our lives as a journey full of opportunities for growth, love, and connection, the more we are able to discover solutions. I strongly believe we are meant to take responsibility for ourselves and I also do not believe we are meant to do it alone.  In the words of Ariana Reines, “Come to me whole, with your flaws, your scars, and everything you consider imperfect. Then let me show you what I see. I see galaxies in your eyes and fire in your hair. I see journeys in your palms, an adventure waiting in your smile. I see what you cannot. You are absolutely, maddeningly, irrevocably perfect.”